I’m a designer. Although I’ve worked across many mediums, in many industries under many different titles, I’m still a designer at heart. I love it. The experience I’ve gained working for corporate + commercial clients, in house and agency, across the public, private, motor + even adult industries has proven to be invaluable.

I’ve watched fashions, software, programming languages and hairstyles come and go and I’m still here. Churning out the same old sh…ha! Only joking. I like to think I’ve progressed. Added new skills along the way, for the love not the money and have produced work that is relevant, well received and dynamic enough to stand out in what is a very congested industry. My work has solid design principles at its core. By that I don’t just mean aesthetics but design that carries the relevant message. Design that deliver’s on its purpose. Design that does what it’s supposed to do and more!

Let me know what you think.